Letting go

I think about you,

and I set you free,


You see it’s not about me,

it’s not about you,

it is not even about love,

or perhaps it is because

it is about something larger,

something beyond ourselves,

a giving away,

a letting go,

a setting the happiness of others before ourselves,

but then again

we know this,

know how to do that, and we do,

with every step we take,

with words, in action, in the wee hours,

when we are awake and others are safely sleeping

we do this,

intimately, intuitively we know how the steps of this dance go.

There are no affairs of the heart, only a glimmer, a shimmer, a glimpse

of how things might have been

but the steps that have led us here are not those,

our purpose in each other’s lives is for something else,

That something is simple,

it is heart healing, soul quenching release

from the sorrows we have carried,

so that we may help one another gently,

ever so gently set those heavy burdens from the past down.



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